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BIG SUMMER GIVEAWAY!! handmade jewerly made by me

Ok so I’ve been planning to do a giveaway for a while but I haven’t really had time… So yeah, I thought I should do one now, because why not??

There will be one winner that wins everything seen in the pictures above. The jewelry has a total worth of over 100$.

Aaand, I’ll give all of you a 10% discount in my etsy shop when buying for over 10$ when entering SUMMER2014.

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  • no giveaway blogs or inactive blogs
  • there will be one winner, that wins all the jewelry seen in the pictures
  • if this gets more than 1k notes there will be a runner up that gets a deathly hallows necklace, an owl earcuff and a charm bracelet
  • if this gets more than 2.5k notes there will be a second runner up that gets a charm bracelet and an owl earcuff
  • and if this gets more than 5k notes I’ll select three people that gets a 10$ giftcard in my etsyshop
  • I’ll pick the winners using
  • keep your askbox open
  • the winner must answer within 48 hours or I’ll pick another one
  • I ship worldwide
  • giveaway ends august 31st 

My askbox is always open if you have any questions.
Good luck everyone! ♥

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